Meet Anna


I discovered marine collagen whilst on holidays in Japan. Collagen supplements are readily available in Japan, in pharmacies and supermarkets. I noticed collagen drinks available at the gym, and was even asked at a restaurant if I wanted my soup infused with collagen. At the time I really didn’t understand what a collagen supplement was, and was very curious to find out more.

I decided to speak to a qualified pharmacist who detailed some of the benefits to me. She explained that Japanese women have been using marine collagen for its health benefits for over 300 years. They even thank the supplement for their extended life expectancy. Her skin was glowing, although Japanese women in general seemed to have amazing skin, so I took it with a grain of salt. But nevertheless, was intrigued enough to purchase some of this so called miracle collagen. After all, I felt that I had been taking every hair, skin and nail supplement on the market, with little results, so why not give this a go.

My lifestyle habits hadn’t changed, and within three weeks, I began seeing results. The very first noticeable difference I personally experienced was a dramatic decrease in my hair loss. My shower was constantly clogging up with the amount of hair I was losing. Within 4 weeks I had noticed an improvement in my skin, it had cleared, felt significantly more hydrated and my complexion looked plumped. I was hooked!

Then when I went for my routine hair extensions, re – do, and they were all removed, my hairdresser was amazed at how much my natural hair had grown, and it was actually thicker. I was so thrilled to end my relationship with hair extensions. I was never a fan, however, my hair would just not grow, it was so fine and wispy.

My nails were also weak, brittle and impossible to grow. Any length would result in tears, so "natural looking" acrylics were really my only option for a polished manicure. This is now a thing of the past and I finally have a healthy manicure, which I love!

In the beginning, I began with three servings a day, a total of 9 grams. I now alternate between one (3g) to two (6g) servings a day. Post summer holidays when my hair and skin are over exposed to the sun and sea, I up the dose to three servings.

My hair, skin, and nails were not alone in achieving results. I now sleep better, the uneven textures on my thighs have significantly diminished, my sweet tooth no longer exists, and I’ve gained great muscle toning results from much gentler exercises.

With collagen being the most abundant protein in our bodies, it is little wonder that replenishing our collagen levels has such amazing benefits for the body as a whole.

Vida Glow’s initial focus was on offering marine collagen only. Inspired by the overwhelmingly positive feedback that this ingestible supplement had on our customers worldwide, all of us at Vida Glow felt motivated to offer a more holistic approach to beauty and wellness. One that highlights that real health begins within, and that the nutrients that our bodies need can be obtained through the goodness of real food.

From this philosophy the Vida Glow range grew to include plant-based functional beauty and protein powders as well as ready to drink, nutrient dense waters.

New product development is an area of extreme interest to us, with a goal of executing functional blends that targets beauty and health. Through the knowledge that our marine collagen has provided so many people all over the world with visible results, it was imperative for us to develop our new Beauty Blends with results as the end goal.

And I’m proud to say that our Beauty Powders are of exceptional quality and have proven to deliver! This range is Australian Certified Organic, 100% Natural, Vegan, Non-GMO, with no soy, no fillers, no added sugars, no artificial ingredients and made in Australia.

Moving into the topical skincare realm was a natural extension to the Vida Glow brand. One that encompasses a complete focus of health and beauty, from the inside and out. Again product quality and visible results was our goal in this space. Vida Glow Cosmetics specialises in natural formulations, with key active ingredients and is made in Australia. Offering a simple daily skincare routine that compliments our ingestible range and leads to optimal skin health and radiance.

Ensuring product quality and providing the purest ingredients are imperative to myself and the team, no short cuts have been taken! Where possible Vida Glow's ingredients are organic and are all free from gluten, dairy, allergens, artificial colours and flavours, preservatives, parabens, mineral oils, and never tested on animals.

For us at Vida Glow, it is incredibly important that we're giving you the very best in quality. All of Vida Glow’s products, I personally believe in, and am taking or using on a daily basis.

Product quality and efficacy are our priority. I am proud to be involved in every process, from concept to production, product development, and customer service.

I welcome you to Vida Glow. It is a passion and a lot of hard work has gone into making this a reality. Every section of this website has been researched and carefully thought of. Our aim here is to educate and inform you on our wonderful range.

Our goal is to empower you to take control of your health and wellness, to enrich yourselves with a little extra life (vida) glow!