The future of haircare: Hairology takes haircare deeper

The future of haircare: Hairology takes haircare deeper

The future of haircare: Hairology takes haircare deeper

Whether you’re experiencing hair loss and thinning, or just want to wake up with fuller, high-shine hair, it’s time to take your haircare out of the shower. Traditional haircare concentrates its efforts on the hair we see – but there’s an untapped approach to hair health concerns and hair loss: the follicle.

While ‘scalp care’ gives hair the skincare treatment, the best hair growth product begins even deeper down. In the follicle, an ingestible haircare routine addresses concerns at the root. This is the ingestible difference – and the advantage of Vida Glow’s first targeted hair innovation, Hairology. Think beyond traditional haircare and discover the science of healthy hair follicles for visible results in one clinically studied, daily capsule.

Understanding hair, inside and out

“Hair consists of two distinct structures. The ‘living’ part located under the skin and the hair shaft, the fully keratinised non-living structure that is visible to us,” explains Vida Glow’s Senior Research Scientist, Lauren Dewsbury. This ‘living’ part of hair is the follicle – where the hair’s bulb meets the bloodstream to access essential vitamins and minerals and for healthy growth. And unlike traditional haircare which addresses the healthy appearance or texture of hair, caring for hair at the follicle creates an optimal opportunity to grow healthy, full and thick hair.

Inside the hair growth cycle and why we experience hair loss

“Hair undergoes continuous cycling right throughout adult life, where it is completely regenerated with every hair cycle,” explains Dewsbury.

And while there are three stages to the hair growth cycle, anagen has the most significant impact on hair health and growth. As the active growing phase, anagen lasts between two and seven years – and because each hair has its own individual life cycle, 90% of our hair is in anagen at any given time. Under the influence of hormones, nutrient decencies, stress and medical conditions, it’s when anagen and the hair growth cycle shortens that hair loss occurs. Hair follicles may become slow to regenerate – meaning hair grows slowly and can become thinner with time.

Hairology’s key ingredients for hair loss and thinning

A once-daily ingestible, Hairology is a targeted solution for hair loss and thinning.

As a capsule with clinically studied actives and the best vitamins for hair growth and thickness, Hairology travels through the bloodstream to take effect at the follicle. This prioritises follicular health to help minimise hair loss and support hair growth and strength. So hair grows longer, stronger and thicker.

Powered by key active AnaGain™, the formula reduces hair loss and hair thinning with visible results. A trademarked active derived from pea sprout extract, AnaGain™ nourishes the follicle with phytonutrients – and is clinically studied to reduce hair loss by 34% after 28 days. Meanwhile, supporting actives – including seaweed extract bladderwrack, zinc, selenium and biotin – top-up the body with essential vitamins and minerals for hair growth and healthy, strong strands.

Hair benefits of Hairology By reducing hair loss and replenishing nutrient deficiencies commonly linked to hair loss, Hairology and AnaGain™ create an optimal environment which:

  • Key active AnaGain™ reduces hair loss by 34% after 28 days (2).
  • Key active AnaGain™ reduces hair thinning (2).
  • Supports healthy hair follicles
  • Supports hair growth
  • Supports hair strength
  • Maintains hair thickness


For strands, hair loss is significantly reduced in 28 days. And with consistent supplementation over eight weeks, hair begins to grow thicker, longer and stronger. The result is naturally full, glossy hair.

With an understanding of the hair growth cycle and a specialised formula, Hairology extends the possibilities of haircare in a bidirectional routine – inside and out. For those experiencing hair loss and thinning concerns, this means Hairology’s clinically studied capsule addresses hair concerns at the root. And with just one capsule a day.

To achieve tangible results in 28 days and enhanced hair health, try the best hair growth routine with Hairology.

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